Death of the Two Party System

The Democratic and Republican Parties have appeared to switch positions since the late ’50s early ’60s. Both Parties are now controlled by the wealthy, and the wealthy are the EXTREMISTS. They control the cash flow and manipulate outcomes. Both Political Parties have moderates; but the moderates lack the backing of the elite.
Looking at the Presidential race, it is my view that Romney and Obama are interchangeable. They are both Wolves in Sheep clothing. They avoid the true issues and continually focus on self importance.
The American citizen becomes the victim in the Political game. Right or wrong, we need a third party in order to put competition on the so called two parties that we now have. (I am not saying that the Tea Party is it, but they have made a difference.)
If we continue to allow the billionaires run this country we will continue to be the victims. If you elect a Lawyer to a position of power, they will change the laws to benefit themselves.
Obama promised CHANGE and took all of ours. If we want change, we need to change Washington. We need a new political party. We need to put a stop the the wealthy robbing from the poor.
If we want CHANGE, we have to change ourselves then we can make the changes this country needs.

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2 Responses to Death of the Two Party System

  1. Jason Bradberry says:

    If you see the problem being the wealthy robbing the poor and controlling our government (viewpoints I share) then the Tea Party would not be a good choice for a third party. In fact, they have made the issues worse by supporting policies that disproportionaly benefit the rich and powerful. Maybe the OWS movement would be a better start for a third party.

    • jkdyken says:

      I mentioned the Tea Party, but did not say that they should be the third party. The Tea Party is too fragmented at this time. I agree that they have done harm, but they have also influence a lot of positive changes. The OWS movement has no clear agenda other that disrupting peoples right to work. Why are they not at work?
      I feel that the majority of the people in either party have a shared hope for our future but fall for the political rhetoric of the wealthy few that are controlling each party. The agenda of the rich is the same in each party. Look at the Trilateral Commission and see who is listed.
      If Romney or Gingrich get the Republican nomination they would be interchangeable with Obama and there is no real choice. They are the same with the same agenda. When you place a lawyer in a position of power, their priority is to change the laws to benefit themselves.
      It is time for the majority to take back control and we get true representation again. We only have one party now and it goes by two names.

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