Reminder to our Military Veterans

I am addressing all of our military veterans, active or other as a reminder. The day you started active duty you raised your right hand and took an oath. Remember who we were promising and what we promised.

We promised to God, our families, our country and it’s residents to fight for the protection of our constitution and protection of our freedoms guaranteed within that document. The promise included the defense of our nation from any attempt of oppression of our freedom whether foreign or domestic.

The oath we swore to did not expire when we were released from active duty. As long as there is blood flowing in our body and a breath in our lungs, that oath is still binding.

It is time for unity and more action in support of our military, aiding our veterans, and keeping our elected officials bound by their oath of office.

Our Constitution and those freedoms are under attack. Our country needs us to take more action against out of control politicians, regardless of party, and out of control media trying to manipulate the facts.

The elections are nearing. Our voices can be heard. Who is truly representing the nation as a whole, and who is representing outside interests? You must listen too all media sources to get enough facts to make an informed decision.

Let our voices be heard.

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