Is it Really Luck?

People go through life believing in luck. Some have good luck while others have bad luck. Is it really Luck? I don’t think so.
Everyone has good times and hard times. We all handle them differently based on past experiences. How we handle a situation determines the outcome. Each outcome delivers new knowledge and experience. We all grow stronger with each.
I try not to look at it as good luck/bad luck but rather a Blessing/Lesson from The Lord. The good fortune is a Blessing while our hardships are our Lessons. We are continually being graded by how we act and react to each. Both allow us to grow as individuals and be stronger and wiser as a result.
We should be thankful for our Blessings and equally thankful for our lessons.
Remember: “The teacher is always silent during a test.”

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One Response to Is it Really Luck?

  1. myjoyteam says:

    Right on time!! Thanks!

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