Utopia: The Impossible Dream

What is your inner most dream? How do you think life should be? What about Utopia?
Utopia is a word we have all heard with interest. It is a dream of a perfect world, perfect society, perfect circumstances. What a wonderful world it would be if everyone had everything they want or need. All of humanity lives in peace and harmony. The disruptive additive in this Utopia is the human factor. When a human is involved, Utopia will not exist.
The concept of Utopia sounds like Heaven. That is how Heaven has been described to us. Everyone would love to live in a Utopian society. It has been talked about, written about, and films have been produced about Utopia for generations. Who would not like for everyone to have all they need. Everyone would have adequate housing, food, clothing, and access to medical needs. What a perfect society it could be. Utopia has been a human dream from the beginning of time, but the reality of Humanity makes Utopia an unattainable dream.
Human Emotions will always rule over common sense. We are all filled with feelings of Love, Hate, Pride, Jealousy, Envy, Fear, and many more emotions. Human emotion will always prevent us from forming a Utopian Society. Love may nudge us to work for total equality, while pride, greed, and jealousy will become the anchor to hold us back. “Why should the next person have what I have? I worked hard for what I have.” I hear these words spoken almost daily.
History tells us of times where a Utopian Society has been tried. The earliest settlers of America, the Pilgrims, were instructed to work hard and share the crops equally. The Company would take it’s share while the remaining portions would be equally distributed throughout. This seamed like the perfect Utopia for all involved, but it almost caused their destruction.
Everyone worked hard in the beginning in order to make things succeed, but in time the human emotions took control. “If I get an equal share, then why should I work this hard?” “I will receive the same portion regardless of what I do.” People began to slack off, the fields did not get worked and the harvest was minimal. The settlers would raid the crops in the middle of the night to get more portions before the actual division of goods. The shortage of food caused numerous deaths that almost wiped out the settlement.
The Company could not make their return on investment, so the rules were changed. Each settler was deeded a portion of land to work and the company would then take their portion from the resulting crops. This resulted in Human Pride to take over and productivity turned around. The settlers were now working hard for themselves while paying back their debt to the company. The following harvest saved the colonies.
The latest attempt of Utopia is now called “Distribution of Wealth”. This is the concept that if you work hard for what you have, the Company will take what you have and give it to those who don’t work or have anything. This concept began with the Welfare system. The Government would assist those in need so they could get back on their own again. It is a great idea, with less than desirable results. Many became too dependent on Welfare in order to take care of themselves. We now have generations of Welfare recipients. This Utopia is bankrupting our nation. Unemployment is an alternative form of Welfare. It is designed to assist in the transition after losing employment. It is now a secondary Welfare system. There is no longer any encouragement to get a job.
America’s Utopia is collapsing. We are going bankrupt. The concept of continuing to pay and support individuals too lazy to work has to stop or we all fail. The temporary assistance programs have to get back to being temporary as intended or financial collapse is imminent.
Utopia will never be established. We need to spread the message of helping others while assuring that we do not become a permanent crutch of reliance. Without encouraging personal pride, economic growth will not improve. The scripture teaches that “give a man a fish, and feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and feed him for a lifetime.”
When will we stop feeding and begin teaching?

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