Politics and the Presidency

The 2012 election push just getting off the ground. This creates a lot of anxiety among most people. The closer we get to 2012 the higher the level becomes and the more people express their concerns. To sum it up, we start finding all the lounge chair politicians telling you how to cast your vote.

Let us all get serious. Take a close look in the upcoming months. How many people will announce their interest in running for President? How many will follow though and actually start an active campaign?

Our country is a time of financial crisis. Social Security cost of living allowances have been frozen for yet another year; while congress has continued to receive annual pay increases. We have not been asked to pay more in taxes; we have been told to pay more in taxes. While we are required to cut back, they continue to SPEND out of control.  Their irresponsibility automatically becomes our responsibility.

In the upcoming campaign season, let us ask the million dollar question. Why would anyone in their RIGHT mind pay millions of dollars on a campaign in hopes to get a JOB that only pays $200,00 per year????  Do you really think that they have your best interest in mind????

“Rhetoric” is the latest buzz word in politics right now. It is used any time a politician wants to deflect an issue away from them so they don’t have to truly answer on the issue. Just the mention of the word should be cause for all to do further research on the issue in order to find the truth.

If we are to be responsible citizens, we have a lot of work to do. Be very cautious in 2012.

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