Shepherd or the Sheep???

The faithful viewers of CNN are notably Liberals, while the faithful viewers of FOX News Network are notably Conservatives. Each have extreme opinions and they are not afraid to express them. One should wonder WHY?

We are continually being influenced as we go through life. We are influenced by the schools we attend, the friends we have, the television we watch the radio we listen to and the people we work with and run into throughout the day. Is our environment influencing us in such a way that we have become sheep? We still have the human ability to make our own choices. Hopefully, we make those choices with ALL the information.

Likewise, there are two major Political Parties in America with the same extremely opposing views; the Democrats and the Republicans. Each Party is too busy arguing, debating, and trying to prove their point, that there is no true communication. They are so full of self-importance that they forget the importance of the American people.

The key to true communication is in LISTENING, and true listening involves the acceptance that there is more than one opinion and room for a lot of COMMON GROUND. The second part of communication is information.

Information is available in more forms and more readily available now than ever before. We need to use whatever source we need to get all the information needed to make the right decisions. These decisions and what you do with them will determine if you are just a sheep, or are you a knowledgable shepherd.

It is natural to jump to conclusions, pass quick judgements, and point the finger of blame. The Shepherd will do so with ALL the information, while the Sheep do so in ignorance.

We can not continue on the path of self-importance and ignorance. We have become more informed and hold our Elected Officials (CIVIL SERVANTS)  accountable to us; the United States citizens. They are not above us, but are in office to Serve us. That concept has been diluted in Washington.

Are you a Shepherd moving forward with all the information you can get or just a sheep relying on what the television and radio says to be true ???

Our nation is overloaded with sheep. I hope we can find more Shepherds in time to save our precious home. This is the United States of America. It is still the land of the free, because of the brave (shepherds) willing to fight for those freedoms. Let us not forget the sacrifices of our forefathers.

I hope I find more Shepherds in America. We have enough sheep.

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3 Responses to Shepherd or the Sheep???

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